Real News podcasts: Thursday, Sept. 23

We had a fantastic show today.

Rebekah Jones, data scientist and Democratic candidate for Congress, discusses the latest rules from the state on Covid and children in schools and this week’s Escambia County School Board meeting.

Megan Pratt gives the details on the Pensacola MESS Hall‘s latest fundraiser – Some Assembly Required.

Publicist Jeremy Murphy discusses his latest book and explains who is Chloe and why she needs to f### off.

ABC News’ Brag Garrett talks about sides to the Gabby Petito case that you might not have considered.

And here is the full show without commercials:


1 thought on “Real News podcasts: Thursday, Sept. 23

  1. “Rebekah Jones, data scientist and Democratic candidate for Congress,” How can someone be a “Democratic candidate for Congress” if they have not filed paperwork to be a candidate for a seat in congress? This is Government 101 stuff. Jones’ website solicits campaign donations. It is hard to believe that it is legal to solicit money for a political campaign if you are not a candidate. WEAR TV 3 recently also referred to Jones as a candidate when she spoke at a school board meeting.
    Someone must have told them that you cannot self-proclaim yourself to be a candidate just to get people to give you money. Channel 3 dropped the candidate part in future reporting. Here is a list of the real current candidates:

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