The big front page story in the daily newspaper is on Quint Studer: “Is Quint Studer Redeemed?

What did Studer ever do that requires redemption? Except stand up to Marty Donovan’s lies and attacks. It’s so funny how Donovan and C.C. Elebash want to now act like they had nothing personal against Studer, when the record proves the opposite. It was Elebash that wrote the email Donovan saying how great it would be take down a rich man like Studer.

Redemption is atonement for guilt. What is Studer guilty of doing? He took a stand and put his money up to back his position. Now he has bought a Double A baseball team that probably cost him more than the construction of the multi-use stadium. The City becomes one of 30 teams with MLB Double A teams.

Did that redeem him? No, Studer isn’t the one the needs atonement in this five-year maritime park saga.