Regional Waste Roundup on April 23

The Escambia County Waste Services Department will host a Regional Roundup on Saturday, April 23 from 8 a.m. until noon at Jim Bailey Middle School, 4110 Bauer Road.

Regional Roundup events provide an opportunity to properly dispose of electronics, household hazardous waste and up to four tires per vehicle, free of charge. Proof of Escambia County residency is required to participate in Regional Roundup, such as a driver’s license, power bill or voter registration card. This is a residential drop-off program only; no commercial waste accepted. Simply drive up and materials will be unloaded for you – no need to get out of your vehicle.

Participants of the Regional Roundup are requested to:
Please follow onsite staff guidance on flow of traffic to allow proper work crew distancing.
Stay inside your vehicle during the event process while onsite, staff will offload items.
If possible bring items in the trunk, rear cargo area or truck bed for staff’s easy access and offloading.

Bring and wear personal protective equipment as needed from home. Staff will wear PPE, but are not able to supply PPE for participants.

Items accepted include:

Computers (monitors, terminals, keyboards and mice)
Printers and copiers
TVs and remotes
DVD players
Gaming systems
Fax machines
Stereo systems
Cell phones and telephones
Paint (up to 20 gallons)
Fuel (up to 10 gallons)
Waste oil (up to five gallons)
Fluorescent lights (up to 10 lights)
Tires (up to four per vehicle)
Oil filters
Lubricants and greases
Batteries (rechargeable, lithium, computer, cell phone, etc.)
Auto, marine and motorcycle batteries
Propane bottles
Pool cleaners
Household cleaners

Items NOT accepted include:

Commercial waste
Electronics that have been gutted
Appliances, including fans and air conditioners
Household garbage
Yard debris or limbs
Scrap metal
Medical waste
Furniture and mattresses
Building materials (concrete, bricks, blocks, roofing, drywall or lumber)
HHW items can cause injury if handled improperly. These items will usually have a warning or cautionary statement on their labels, such as flammable, corrosive, poisonous or toxic and include items such as swimming pool chemicals, cleaners, drain openers, paint and paint products, fuels, gases, lawn and garden chemicals, aerosol cans and automotive repair and maintenance products.

For more information about Regional Roundup events or proper disposal of waste, contact the Escambia County Waste Services Department at 850-937-2160 or