Reports of human waste flowing in the Tanyard (update)

Dr. Gloria Horning, who lives one block west of Pensacola City Hall on DeVilliers Street in the Tanyard neighborhood, reported late yesterday afternoon, “I’m at the corner of DeVilliers and Zaragossa. The site of the bubbling sewer I reported this morning. The lid is off and literally human waste and toilet paper are going directly into the storm water drains and onto the street.”

Pensacola City Councilwoman Sherri Myers confirmed Horning’s report: “This has been under water all day leaking sewage. Gloria is very upset. I feel really bad for her. This was report to city earlier today.”

EPA officials have told Emerald Coastkeeper Laurie Murphy that the ECUA had a lift failure. She has reported to EPA, ECUA and the City of Pensacola that sewage is heading into Pensacola Bay.

Stay tuned.

Update: We have since discovered no ECUA pumps failed. The raw sewage was caused by a failure of the City of Pensacola’s stormwater system.


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  1. Our community has yet received any health warnings including a boil water alert. I went door-to door to inform my neighbors of the hazard.

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