Republican HQ for a day

Press Release

Escambia County Republican Party Chairman Clay Ingram released the following statement today regarding the Republican Party of Florida holding its Headquarters for a Day in Pensacola:

“We welcome the Republican Party of Florida to Pensacola today and are excited to have a chance to showcase our city to our Party’s leaders. Chairman Jim Greer made a commitment to stay in touch with the grassroots of the Party and his being here today solidifies that commitment. His visit also has the effect of motivating our grassroots volunteers which is very important as we move closer to the Presidential Primary election.”

The Republican Party of Florida Headquarters for a Day program is an initiative intended to improve communication between the local Republican Executive Committees and the Republican Party of Florida by bringing the Party leaders to each county in Florida for one day. All Escambia County Headquarters events will be held at the University of West Florida today beginning at 6:00PM in Building 58A Room 101.