Resignation letter from Pensacola City Administrator

Colleen Castille’s resignation is not unexpected. Her contract with the mayor was for one year. Her two-page resignation letter highlights the accomplishments of Team Hayward during her year of service.

  • $7 million grant to develop and improve stormwater projects, including Corrine Jones, Gaberrone Swamp and Maggie’s Ditch,
  • Hiring a “forward-thinking” director and staff at the Port of Pensacola,
  • $18 million for fish hatchery on Pensacola Bay next to stadium,
  • Addition of Southwest Airlines at the airport,
  • Hiring OHM to create a “sophisticated venue of food and beverage concessions” at the airport,
  • Landing a grant to expand runway for ST Aerospace, and
  • Hiring CBRE to market city properties.

“So it is with the high-placed confidence in you and your team that I hereby tender my resignation effective September 3rd, 2014,” Castille wrote. “I am honored to have worked with you, Mayor Hayward, and thankful for the opportunity to work with the fine team of professionals on the 7th Floor to implement these many accomplishments.”

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