Rod Smith Mid Day report

We can win this today — but right now, all bets are off. With the skies pouring down rain in South Florida, we face a huge risk of people staying home. And we need every single vote.

Every vote counts so much that we’re asking you, please: if you have a car and an umbrella, get out there and vote. Pick a friend or neighbor up, or call someone in the family — and get them to the polling place. If you have good weather in your part of the state, all the better — whatever the case, just make sure you vote.

Need to know where to vote? Call the state hotline at call the state hotline at 1-866-308-6739, or contact your local elections supervisor:

You know that pollsters call this race a dead heat — and that the polls say Smith, not Davis, is the candidate who can beat Charlie Crist. But it all comes down to who shows up. If you stay home, this campaign could end right here.

Keep that from happening — get to the polls, rain or shine. Everything depends on it.

Thank you,

Paul Neaville
Campaign Manager, Rod Smith for Governor

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