Sam Hall has fake Facebook page

Former Pensacola City Council President Sam Hall is also a woman-Rachel Terry. He has been posting to this blog and even created a fake Facebook page, using photos from a hiking magazine.

The Facebook account was created in April. He started posting on my blog in November 2012.

Not surprising, Rachel/Sam likes Sam Hall and Jim Reeves. He/She hates Sherri Myers, John Asmar, Diane Mack and the naysayers.

Here are few of Rachel and Sam’s posts:

Submitted on 2013/06/13 at 5:43 pm

I hope the BOCC does better with the jail than they have done with mass transit.

What’s more, I hope the City of Pensacola isn’t put on the hook for operating the jail like they were for mass transit; in effect, paying twice.

Rachel Terry
Submitted on 2013/05/21 at 8:56 pm

I find it interesting how ineffective Ms. Myers continues to be by her design.

She has failed to learn that politics is the art of compromise.

Being right isn’t worth much if one cannot turn it into something functional, usuable, and practical.

Her unwillingness to work well with others may be a virtue but that same posture does not help shape policy.

But she can sleep well at night knowing she has the approval of Diane Mack, Lara McKnight, Georgia Blackmon, Barbara Mayall, Gary Sansing, and Mike Kimbrell.

Rachel Terry
Submitted on 2013/04/16 at 9:33 am

Just saw this fight card. Titans v. Foil Hat Society

Reeves v. Bare/Myers/Gunther {Las Vegas lists 40:1 in favor of Reeves before third round. Reeves record is 353-4. FHS trio combined individual records, 4-1737.

Johnson v. CJ/Mueller/Dubuisson {Las Vegas opened the odds at 40:1 for Johnson, but the money has driven the odds to 100:1, round undetermined. Johnson, 65-2; FHS trio 0-898.

rachel terry

Submitted on 2012/11/28 at 7:53 pm

Name me one elected official in Escambia County filled with more hate than Sherri Myers. I am not looking for debate, just names.j

Some use their intellect to build, or to tear down and build, but Sherri, no, she is only about destruction. She offers nothing constructive. Sherri is a tornado when a zephyr would be better.

Sherri believes one can govern from the heart, devoid of intellect. Hers and Bare’s attempt to hijack the city council elections failed miserably.

She and Bare believed they had a mandate.

She won against milquetoast and little effort on her part.

He won against a weakened candidate, one who was the victim of political fallout and poor health.

Ms. Myers, that is not a mandate to govern.

I recommend Ms. Myers and Mr. Bear go back to university and take a class in Politics 101.

It appears Sherri is in worse shape now than before the installation of new members. It’s her and Bare. That’s it.

Neither will compromise to govern.

Sherri’s a crusader. No matter how many crusades she wins, there’s always another battle to fight.

For Bare, no one is as smart nor moral as he, so compromise is out of the question for him.

Mayor Hayward is in much better shape now than with the former city council, but she and Bare act if the two have some sort of moral mandate.

Curious indeed!

Barbara Mayall, Sara Beard, Diane Mack, Dixie Miese, Dorothy Dubuisson, Georgia Blackmon, Liz Watkins and Ann Regan need another outlet for their petulance.

rachel terry
Submitted on 2012/11/26 at 12:40 pm

Straddling the fence?

You must be crazy Mr. Henry! Sam Hall has never straddled the fence. Sam has been controversial since day one because of his positions, because of his outspokeness.

That he took no position at all before his last day in office for information only, for your informatiion, demonstrates his recognition his day’s are over.

Fortunately, yours never began.

Good day, sir, Mr. Henry, you coward!!!

rachel terry

Submitted on 2012/11/05 at 7:17 pm

Really did not know where to post my comments, under Larkin, Gallery Night, or URAC because of the common denominator, John Asmar. Where should i start? I guess this is as good a venue as the other two.

In all three you make your argument using Asmar’s modus operandi which is to advance “yours and his” positive points by tearing someone else down.

By the way, I am still waiting for that damning video of PPDs Gestapo-like tactics you so eagerly promised last week.

Not holding my breath.



I texted Sam Hall to confirm -since Rachel and he have the same IP address.

Here is the exchange:

RMO: “Are you Rachel Terry?”

Sam: “I’ll tell you I am if you tell me who you are. ???”

Sam: “Oops Meant to say, ‘tell you who I am’.

RMO: “Rick Outzen”

Sam: “Off the record?”

RMO: “No”

Sam: “Getting manicure and pedicure. Will call when done.”

I’ve tried to call him and he won’t pick up the phone.