Santa Rosa County in the top 5 for Reading, Science and Math

The release of reading, math and science scores for Santa Rosa County 4th to 8th grade students finds that SRC in the top five in all grade levels.

“Santa Rosa County celebrates our ranking in the top of the state,” Superintendent Tim Wyrosdick said in a press release. “Even with a more difficult exam, our students and teacher shine.”

Santa Rosa County was ranked against all school districts in Florida based on the Mean Scare Score. Fifth graders even ranked number one in Math, tied with St. Johns county.

“As we examine closely the quality performance of our schools, we are especially pleased that areas we specifically addressed are positively affected,” Wyrosdick said. “The number one ranking of 5th grade math students is the result of quality instruction and great planning.”

The rankings are a very optimistic end to the 2011-2012 school year for Santa Rosa County.

“The increase performance of our elementary students, specifically in science, is very rewarding,” Wyrosdick said. “Our curriculum specialists along with quality teachers have developed an aligned curriculum Kindergarten through 12th grade that challenges students to excel.”

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