Santa Rosa Liquor Lottery Winners

On December 5, 2006, at 9:00 a.m. EST, a double random drawing was conducted for 17 quota liquor licenses available in Santa Rosa County.  From a pool of 4,951 qualified applicants, the following individuals have won the right to apply for one of the new licenses:


1.       Saxton, Cathy Gail – Milton

2.       Martin, William McGuire, et al. – Pensacola

3.       Shores, Robert Scott – Navarre

4.       Lasalle, Carm Christopher – Pensacola

5.       Phares, Robert Zane – Mary Esther

6.       Hunt, Peter Byron – Pensacola

7.       Rainer, Kimberly Schraishuhn – Pensacola

8.       O’Donnell, Angela S. – Valrico

9.       Norwood, Mike – Pensacola

10.   Myers, Ralph N. – Fort Lauderdale

11.   Antonacci, Peter – Tallahassee

12.   Parker, Timothy Eben – Pensacola

13.   Michaels, Gary Robert, et al. – Gulf Breeze

14.   Sanchez, Todd Edward – Orlando

15.   Kennison, Katherine Ann – Navarre

16.   Fuller, Richard Thomas – Pensacola

17.   Carter, Alla – Fort Myers


Certified Notice of Selection letters will be sent to these individuals by the close of business on December 6, 2006, indicating that they are qualified to apply for one of the 17 available licenses.  They will have 45 days from the date of the letter to submit their license application and pay the appropriate fees. 


All applicant-related questions should be directed to the Central ABT Licensing Office at 850.488.8284.


All media-related questions should be directed to the DBPR Communications Office at 850.922.8981.