School Drug Dogs: Hit or Bust?

Escambia County School Board Jeff Bergosh has posted the latest statistics on the daily drug dog searches of middle and high schools in the county. There have been 228 sweeps and 17 hits that “found drugs.” I put the “found drugs” in quotes because most often the hit is only traces of marijuana or empty baggies. One hit was over-the-counter medication.

Out of the 17 hits, only 7 involved actually drugs being found, meaning drugs are found (not traces or empty baggies) once every 35 sweeps, about once every 3 weeks.

According to Bergosh, who uses the 17 hits stat, “This equates to about a 7.5% hit rate, which assuming 2-3 campuses are searched daily, means on average the dogs are finding one location a week that has drugs.”

Next up, random drug testing of the students. Read Bergosh post.