See aerial footage of Bruce Beach

Watch this drone footage of Bruce Beach. You can see the two mitigation areas and the marsh conservation area. The site is larger that it appears from Main Street. A nature park with a facility for kayaks, paddleboards, and maybe even sailboats could easily fit on the upland portion –which was the CRA plan recommendation for Bruce Beach. The land is definitely worth more than $50 a year.


7 thoughts on “See aerial footage of Bruce Beach

  1. What will conserve the conservation areas with all the consequences if boating in the area? Guess ya won’t have to worry about that for very long.

  2. What this does remind me of is when the city ran off that crazy National Naval Aviation Museum idea because it would never attract anyone, so they built it on NAS… We have an opportunity here to build something which no other city has which makes it very unique. will it be everything they originally sold the project on? I doubt it, government project often are scaled back… The park idea is a pie in the sky, there is no funding for it, no way of upkeep, and if there were vendors waiting for a place to rent kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, why aren’t they doing it the Maritime Park already. Isn’t that what they sold us on when that was being built too? how many times do we here this same line and still fall for it…

  3. CJ, over 30 of those acres are a conservation mitigation area which can not be used. That 30 acres is basically a swamp and has to stay a swamp. This video is very misleading and please just take a look at google earth and you can easily see there is almost no “beach” to Bruce beach.

  4. The aerial video makes it easier to realize that Bruce Beach (44.5 acres) is significantly larger than the Community Maritime Park (27.5 acres). What would really make sense would be if Bruce Beach were developed to complement the Community Maritime Park perhaps after we know what is to become of the old ECUA site across the street from Bruce Beach. It would be interesting to know what Bruce Beach would be worth if it were put up for sale to the private sector. We don’t want to do that but if we could attach a monetary value to the land it might better make people realize that it may be a Godsend that the lease with FWC is void as the CRA now has a new opportunity to do the right thing.

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