3 thoughts on “Sheriff asks State Attorney to investigate County Commission

  1. Sheriff Morgan’s complaint cited a specific provision in state law – Section 286.011(8), Florida Statutes – that does refer “to litigation expenditures.” The complaint provides no legal analysis of the law to include citing no case law or Attorney General Advisory Legal Opinions. I searched the Attorney General’s online database of Advisory Legal Opinions using only the search term – “286.011(8).” I got 201 hits meaning that there 201 Advisory Legal Opinions posted online that reference this narrow section of Florida Law. Some INFORMAL advisory opinions are not posted online so there may be more references in other documents. 201 “hits” is an extraordinary number for such a very narrow provision of state law. I read some of the opinions and did not do a search for case law. My assessment is that the Attorney General may have a more flexible interpretation of the law. County Attorney Alison Rogers is board certified by the Florida Bar Association to practice City, County & Local Government Law. The Sheriff’s legal counsel is not. I watch all county commission meetings and note that Rogers appears to exercise an abundance of caution on just about everything. As a legal matter, I would bet my money on her side of the argument. However, as a political matter, especially given that the Commission’s reply to the Sheriff’s appeal seemed to avoid the real issues instead focusing on salacious details about how the Sheriff uses Law Enforcement Trust Fund dollars with those uses approved by the Commission, perhaps public input would have helped the Commissioners frame a better case if one exists.

  2. Ditto that! Wait, is that a cruiser outside my house?!? (LOL) Seriously, the man needs to move on, he has a serious case of emperor-itis,

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