Sheriff Morgan submits $95 million budget

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Sheriff David Morgan has officially submitted his 2013-2014 budget to the Board of County Commissioners:

Law Enforcement: $50,773,658
Detention: $40,251,178
Court Security: $4,033,002
Total: $95,057,838

This is a $18,864,552 increase over last year. Here is the breakdown of the increase:

Law Enforcement salares down $37,872
FICA taxes down $10,547
Retirement up $1,234,854 (due to rates increased by the state)
Health & Life insurance up $703,558
Workers Comp up $15,283

The biggest increases are in Detention in answer to the staffing issues pointed out the JCI study:

Hire 83 detention deputies & 12 detention assistants: $6,324,157
Bringing up starting detention deputy pay to match Road Prison deputy pay: $658,409

Paying ECSO employees holidays and overtime like the BCC does: $4,340,002 overtime, $3,952,930 holiday

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