Sheriff’s medical services for jail approved for continued accreditation

The National Commission on Correctional Health Care has voted to continue accreditation the Sheriff’s medical services at the county jail. There are 35 essential standards, 32 are applicable to the county jail and 30 (94 percent) were found in compliance. Two essential standards not in compliance concern continuity of care during incarceration and chronic disease services. The jail will need to get in compliance for these twp essential standards by Sept. 27 to finalize the accreditation.

There are 32 important standards – 31 applicable to facility, 30 (96 percent) in compliance. The minimum requirement for accreditation is 85 percent compliance, so the jail’s medical services meet that requirement for the important essentials. The one important standard out of compliance concerns Clinical Performance Enhancement.

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Today, Interim County Administrator George Touart told the county commissioners that he will now be recommending that the BCC keep the current medical services team–which is counter to what he said on June 20. Maybe David Beniot will be able to stay in charge of the program.