Simple Strong Mayor Plan

Let’s follow the San Diego model: Vote for a five-trial period for the strong mayor beginning January 1, 2009. We will elect the first strong mayor in November, 2008. The mayor would be up for election again in 2010 and 2012.

Here’s the wording for the referendum:

Shall the City Charter be amended to change from a City Manager structure of government to a Strong Mayor for a five year trial period starting January 1, 2009?”

Under the new system the Mayor would be the City’s chief executive officer, similar to the governor or the president. The Council would be the legislative body, providing checks and balances to the Mayor’s new authority.

Give us a little time and we will work out the other details, but there’s no need to drag out this issue. Let’s mail out ballots by Oct. 1.

The five-year trial period and two-year terms eliminate the worries about an evil dictator seizing control over the city empire.