Sink plays tough with BP

I do like Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink. The former president of Florida Operations at Bank of America doesn’t take much bull off of corporate “suits.” Yesterday after a briefing at the Escambia County Emergency Operations Center, Sink was told by Liz Castro, BP’s director of Civic Affairs, that the CFO, who is running for governor this year, could call BP’s 1-800 number if she wanted to get the name of someone higher up the corporate ladder at the global oil giant.

I asked Sink today after Gov. Crist’s latest visit to the EOC if she had called the 1-800 number.

“Hell, no,” she said. Sink did say that BP did have a “real person” contact her today – Kyle Anderson – who is getting her in touch with his bosses. “I think BP misunderstood the power of the CFO in the state of Florida.”

I don’t think they will again.

Yes, I like Alex Sink.