SRIA, Pensacola Beach update

From Buck Lee, Executive Director, Santa Rosa Island Authority:

The Santa Rosa Sound is coming in at the pavilions at Quitewater area. This morning we have high tide and an east wind. Gulf waves are crashing into the Gulf Pier and we have closed it down this morning for safety. Corto and Rio Vista are flooded not because of the rain because the Sound is coming in. Need a New Orleans style levee. We have a small crew, Paolo, Dave, Mason, Don and a couple of supervisors for today. We also have lifeguards coming in to keep people out of the water. We are flying red flags and will for the rest of today. City of Gulf Breeze will send out a text if the three mile bridge is ever closed down. We are closed for today, yesterday was somewhat hectic. Some water has come into the parking lot at Park West and as usual water coming across inside gate to Ft. Pickens. We should we ready for a great Labor Day Weekend. Standing by to stand by.