Staff has not come clean on airport appraisals

There aren’t three full appraisals on the airport hotel property. There are two – by Charles Sherrill Jr. and Asmar Appraisal Co. – and one review of them by Brantley & Associates. I have copies of the appraisals and Brantley’s report.

Sherrill and Asmar submitted their reports to Daniel E. Flynn, Manager of Properties and Development at the airport, on one day apart – Jan. 30 and Jan. 31, 2008. Sherrill valued the 11.44-acre plot at $7,150,000. Asmar gave it a value of $6,480,000.

On Feb. 20, 2008, Shawn Brantley of Brantley & Associates sent Flynn his review of the two appraisals and gave a value of $7,000,000.

To me, it seems virtually impossible that airport staff did not know there were two appraisals (submitted on one day apart) and did not mention to the council the review by Brantley. I can not figure out why they would completely ignore Brantley’s 129-page review of the Sherrill and Asmar appraisals.

This appears to be more than a simple oversight. Someone had to consciously ignore the Brantley review. If there is a valid reason for doing so, then staff should tell the city council, but that is not what Al Coby’s email states.

Coby wants the council and the public to believe that Brantley’s review and Sherrill’s appraisal were simply found “upon further review.”

“Appraisal-Gate” continues.