State Roundup: Sunday editions

Miami Herald: Florida Republicans are on pace to dismantle regulations, cut jobs and adopt significant changes to Medicaid and abortion rights — because they have the votes. Read more.

Sun-Sentinel: Since state privatized child welfare, pay for top executives has climbed, Florida’s privatization of child welfare services was supposed to be good for kids and taxpayers. Child welfare executives throughout Florida are now making six-figure salaries, with some topping $200,000 — double what state employees used to be paid to do the same work. Read more.

Orlando Sentinel: The white tuna on your plate at your favorite restaurant may not be tuna at all, but a similar tasting and looking white fish. Duping consumers into paying top dollar for a low-cost substitute fish is fraud. And it’s happening with other pricey… Read more.

St. Pete Times: Bob Graham argues that the current Legislature is on a course to erase decades of investment and progress in education. Read more.

Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Gov. Scott courts controversy during session.His stands on major issues have been strong, but also polarizing. Read more.