State Senate race continues to heat up

The Florida Chamber sent out this announcement this afternoon:

In its ongoing efforts to elect pro-jobs candidates to the Florida Legislature, the Florida Chamber of Commerce PAC today released a new television commercial detailing how Panhandle Representative Mike Hill is attacking his opponent for a job growth plan he himself once supported.

Mike Hill broke his word to Governor Rick Scott, the chamber of commerce and everyone in the Pensacola region. When politicians say one thing and do another, it’s called hypocrisy and, as our ad explains, Hill’s actions are “putting thousands of Panhandle jobs at risk.”

“When it comes to securing Florida’s future, our state needs leaders who will stand up for jobs that help support families and communities,” said Marian Johnson, Senior Vice President of Political Operations for the Florida Chamber. “Voters deserve a leader they can trust in, not one who says one thing and does another. This is about trust, leadership and job growth and we believe Doug Broxson has the small business experience and leadership to help grow Escambia and Santa Rosa’s economy.”

The Florida Chamber has endorsed Doug Broxson in the Senate District 1 race, and believe he is a leader that will stand up for families and small businesses through his support of free enterprise.

The new Florida Chamber television ad is airing on stations throughout the Panhandle and is a portion of our voter awareness efforts.


Yesterday, Florida Politico reported on a sharply-worded voicemail from Broxson to Hill warning to stop running negative ads or political action committees will heat up against his campaign. Listen here .

Here is the complete article – In voicemail, Broxson warns Hill of special interest onslaught.