Stephen Nodine’s supporters claim misconduct by former prosecutor

We received a email from a group called “Justice for Stephen Nodine” that claims that it has incriminating documents of misconduct on behalf of former Baldwin County, Ala. District Attorney Judy Newcomb regarding the State of Alabama vs Stephen Nodine.

Nodine faces a retrial on charges that he killed his longtime girlfriend, Angel Downs, in 2010. The first trial ended with a hung jury on murder and aggravated stalking charges. He has conducted several interviews over the past few months–the latest being on FM Talk 106.5 on May 11 (Read more).

The former Mobile County Commissioner was the darling of economic development along the Gulf Coast from 2007 until his arrest. He spoke to several groups in the Pensacola area, touting the successes of Mobile and the projected impact of Air Force air tanker contract coming to this region. Nodine spoke in support of Gene Valentino’s economic development authority in June 2009.

The attachments sent the IN were not included in the October letter from Hallie Dixon to Attorney General Luther Strange, according to the Nodine supporters. They assert the documents “clearly show that there was NEVER ANY (their emphasis) evidence of murder or stalking regarding the states case against former County Commissioner Stephen Nodine.”

The current District Attorney Hallie Dixon had originally decided to not retry Nodine, but last fall the Alabama Attorney General took over the prosecution of the case.

Nodine’s supporters state that Dixon was justified in not wanting to retry Nodine: “The balance of information and evidence indicated in the remaining portion of Exhibit “A” in these documents clearly show that District Attorney Hallie Dixon strongly believed not only did Judy Newcomb maliciously, negligently withhold exculpatory evidence from the defense but also from her own expert witness, Dr. James Downs. Therefore, indicating to the court her findings and intentions to “No-Bill” the previous indictment.”

Laura Coffey, Nodine’s sister, is quoted in that email saying, “Both families have been through so much pain and this matter needs to come to a conclusion. These are just some of the documents that clearly prove that all experts concluded that Angel Downs’s death was indeed a suicide Laura Coffey Our thoughts and prayers have been with Mrs. Hinckley, Angel’s sister Susan, and all members of their family and friends of Angel’s since day one, but this political prosecution against my brother needs to stop Monday”.

Here are the exhibits: