Street Buzz: Is Pensacola Gang War about to go to another level of violence?

On Martin Luther King Day, a white man pulls into the county park behind the Marie Young Community Center in the Wedgewood and Pinestead neighborhoods in north Pensacola—west of Car City. He has a trunk full of assault rifles. Within minutes people lined up to pay $300-$500 per gun. He was out the area in less than an hour.

The neighborhood gang war is still raging. Almost all of the hits are tied to drugs. Family members are now included in the war zone.

My resources tell me that the latest crime that is tied to the feud between rival gangs is the possible kidnapping of Michael J. Lawson.

On Thursday Jan. 24, Lawson’s car was found empty with the engine running in the parking lot of Grocery Outlet, 15 E. Brent Ln. Lawson has not been heard from since then.

News of the illegal gun sale is spreading through the African-American community. People are scared.