Studer blamed for tax increase

Morning paperWilliam Thurston is becoming a regular letter writer to the PNJ. This letter is from the Sunday edition:

A boondoggle

Well, it sure didn’t take long for our taxes to go, did it? Of course they made their decision before the Trillium referendum.

Do you think that boondoggle would have passed if the good folks of Pensacola knew they were about to get fleeced? Sure, Trillium didn’t affect our taxes because they had already planned the tax raise.

Boy, can our local politicians tell whoppers like the big boys in Washington. And to think Quint Studer, who lives in Gulf Breeze, no is doubt laughing.

— William C. Thurston


RO Note:

Mr. Thurston,

While you and others were fighting the waterfront park, the media announced the huge property assessment increases and the potential tax increases if local government didn’t rollback the millage rates. I alone wrote about it, at least, five times.

Although Pensacola did rollback the rates, the Escambia County Commission chose to keep all of its $31.3 million windfall.

None of this had anything to do with Quint Studer or the Vince Whibbs Community Maritime Park. However, wouldn’t it have been nice for the Stop Our City gang to have focused on the city and county budgets and their millage rates?

It could have saved you some money.

BTW: Studer lives on Pensacola Beach, not in Gulf Breeze.