Studer establishes Diversity and Inclusion Task Force for teams

The Pensacola Blue Wahoos and Beloit Snappers have jointly hired V. Randolph Brown Consulting, an organization that specializes in helping companies evaluate their diversity, inclusion, and equity. Brown will evaluate the inclusiveness of the organizations, identify areas for improvement, and develop action plans to help both teams eliminate bias and become more equitable to fans and staff.

“We do many things well. We measure employee engagement, provide lots of development opportunities, are transparent, include peers in staff selection, and did not lay off any staff during the ongoing pandemic,
‘Quint Studer, owner of the Blue Wahoos and managing partner of the Snappers, said However, I am convinced we can and must be better in the areas of eliminating bias and becoming more diverse and inclusive,” Quint Studer, owner of the Blue Wahoos and managing partner of the Snappers, said.

He continued, “Beloit is one of the most diverse cities in Wisconsin. As we expand the team’s staff in preparation of the new ballpark opening in 2021, we need to be sure that our hiring and training processes are correct. We will not window dress this. We will dig in and do this right.”

V. Randolph Brown Consulting, based in Cincinnati, provides companies across America with strategic consulting, advisory, education, and training services on topics including diversity, equity, and inclusion. Their portfolio includes advising the National Basketball Association and NCAA.

The firm will work with both teams to identify and eliminate possible bias in their organizations, educate and train the team’s full- and part-time staff, and improve the teams’ hiring and staff development processes.

The Studer Family of Companies, which includes both the Blue Wahoos and Snappers, has established a Diversity and Inclusion Task Force to work alongside V. Randolph Brown Consulting to advance the organization’s efforts to promote a culture of inclusiveness and embrace its diversity. The task force will provide training to Studer Family of Companies staff and to the local community, identify causes and charities to receive fundraising dollars, and implement changes within the organization based on the firm’s recommendations.


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  1. Although, I think this is a good idea, however, Pensacola has already done a Diversity Study during the Hayward administration that was conducted by MGT that has been sitting on a shelf somewhere/ This study has a detailed list of recommended actions that have never been full implemented, Instead of reinventing the wheel, why not first review this study and remediation plan and implement the recommended actions of this plan?

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