Studer helps City of Crestview [podcast]

Studer Community Institute is working with the City of Crestview to create an over all mission, vision, values and strategic plan for the city.

Larry Harris with Mason-Dixon will conduct a survey to the residents of Crestview. Harris has conducted the the Quality of Life Survey for the Pensacola Young Professional since its inception.

“Once they get the objective measurement, they’re asking the Studer Community Institute to come in and help them make sure they have the right mission statement, the right vision statement, the right dashboard, and really the right plan to transform the City of Crestview,” said Quint Studer yesterday on “Pensacola Speaks.”

“It was really exciting. The entire city council was there, a lot of the community people were there, the media was there. There’s a great excitement there and it takes courage as Mayor Cadle said, ‘We have a moral obligation to make this city the best it can be.'”