Summer Cyber Camps for Students

Elementary and middle school students have an opportunity to learn basic cybersecurity skills in a fun environment at one of the Summer Cyber Camps hosted by the AFCEA Blue Angels Pensacola Chapter.

The goal of the five-day technical camps is two-fold: to introduce students to cybersecurity fundamentals and to excite them about the possibilities of a future career in the rapidly expanding cyber workforce. “We don’t have the capacity today to support the employment requirements of this community,” said AFCEA chapter president Randy Ramos. “Engaging students with these skills early in their learning years is going to be essential for building a workforce pipeline to support Pensacola’s future cyber needs.”

At the cyber camp sessions, scheduled throughout June and July, middle school students will learn how to protect their personal devices and information from outside threats, as well as how to harden entire networks running Windows and Ubuntu operating systems. Elementary students will learn how to protect their personal devices and basic online safety practices while engaging in fun computer coding games, cyber puzzles, and videos. The camps run Monday through Friday with half day sessions, and will be held in the well-equipped computer training classrooms at Global Business Solutions, Inc. on West Michigan Ave.

Space is limited to twelve students per week, with a fee of $50 per student.

Much of the cost of curriculum, supplies and other camp expenses are being covered by sponsor donations from the AFCEA chapter’s successful CyberThon event for high school and college students held in January. Generous support from the community for CyberThon has enabled AFCEA to donate STEM teaching grants to local schools, provide college scholarship funds, and launch the summer camp program.

Summer Cyber Camp schedule:

June 27 – July 1, Elementary Camp

July 11 – 15, Middle School Camp

July 18 – 22, Elementary Camp

July 25 – 29, Middle School Camp

For full event information and online registration: