Surprise, city council delays another action

There are no surprises with the Pensacola City Council. Last night, the board known for its inaction voted to delay loaning the Community Maritime Park Associates until the Florida Supreme Court decides what to do about bonds that are paid back with CRA funds.

CMPA chairman Judge Lacey Collier asked the city to approve the park’s 2008 budget request of $1.3 million, and to start considering alternative financing options for the city’s commitment to the project.

When a big decision is needed, the Pensacola City Council runs in the other direction. Council members have repeatedly said that they are committed to the park, but yet have had little public discussion on how to finance the city’s portion if the FL Supreme Court requires county-wide votes on CRA bonds. When given a chance to be proactive and leaders, the city council goes into delay mode.

Maybe the bigger question is why didn’t the City move on the bond financing faster? It has been over a year since the referendum passed. Why didn’t they begin the bond financing process right away? Had the bonds been issued then we wouldn’t be worried about the Supreme Court.

Inaction, thy name is Pensacola.