Arrest for Broxson murder (Facebook link)

Escambia County Sheriff’s Investigators have arrested Joshua Wayne Douglas, 22, of Pensacola, for the murder of Jamie Broxson, one of the two women whose bodies were found Monday, November 29, near Jernigan and Nine Mile Roads.

Forensic testing found DNA evidence that linked Douglas to victim Jamie Broxson, 25.
This investigation is ongoing, and at this time investigators are not releasing any additional information concerning the case.

Douglas was arrested at around 6:30 pm this evening at the Tom Thumb located at 1405 East Nine Mile Road, after investigators obtained a warrant. Douglas is charged with Murder and Sexual Assault. He was booked into the Escambia County Jail and held on no bond.

He has not been connected to the other homicide victim, Debra Ann Jones, whose body was also found on the lot.

Douglas has a criminal history. In 2008, his arrests include

2008 CF 002568 A
05/24/2008 GRAND THEFT $300 OR MORE BUT LESS THAN $5000 Third Degree Felony
05/24/2008 POSSESSION OF COCAINE Third Degree Felony
05/24/2008 NARCOTIC EQUIP POSSESS-AND OR USE First Degree Misdemeanor

2008 CF 002995 A
05/18/2008 LARC-OF CREDIT CARD First Degree Misdemeanor
05/18/2008 FRAUD ILLEG USE CREDIT CARDS Third Degree Felony
05/28/2008 FRAUD ILLEG USE CREDIT CARDS Third Degree Felony
05/18/2008 LARC-OF CREDIT CARD First Degree Misdemeanor

2008 MM 027491 A

The victim, Jamie Broxson had two prostitution convictions.

Joshus Douglas does have a Facebook page, which says he graduated from Woodham High in 2006. His bio statement: “I m just a good ol countryboy that likes to get down and party in the country with my friends.”

(courtesy of Facebook)

His last post to his wall was on Saturday, Dec. 4: “we are going to start doing bull riding competitions at ropers here soon on saturdays and there will be a cash pay out to the winner but we are still working on getting it started up let email me if you interested and ill give you better details”

Friends, who have heard about the arrest, are posting notes of support:

* what in the world am i seein and hearing on the news man? thats crazy s%$ WTF that s%$ cant be true? can it? i would hope not.

* Josh…please….i really hope this isnt true…I love you so much boy…we’ve been friends since we were practically in diapers….I can’t wrap my mind around this

* Josh, I really hope its all some big mix up! INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty… we all love u and are in such shock. You & your family are in my thoughts and prayers tonight… love you buddy

* I talked to brittney tonight. I am praying for both of you. I hate you are having to go through this. Right roads or wrong roads…no one is perfect.I just hate the world is judging you without knowing you as a person. You are a good friend to me no matter what.

* No f#@king way, this is absolute bullshit. Your friends are behind you. Stay strong. We love you.

The day the bodies where found – Monday, Nov. 29, Douglas posted this on his FB wall: “anybody that wants to keep runnin their mouth about me to other people feel free to keep doing but when i catch you it will be the end to that s#$t.”

The bodies had been on the lot for 7-10 days. Here are his post over that time period:

Joshua Douglas: some people just amaze the hell out of me i swear
November 28 at 2:39pm

Joshua Douglas: at the house sick as hell
November 22 at 6:41pm

Joshua Douglas: Thanks to everybody that cared to keep asking me tonight if i was ok thank yal
November 13 at 1:45am (From the comments to this post, it appears Douglas had kidney stones)