Taking UWF to the next level

There are two ideas being floated out in the community about how to grow the University of West Florida. One is add football. Central Florida, South Florida and Florida Atlantic – which were on the same level as UWF at one time – have done so and become major colleges. The University of South Alabama is debating whether to add football as UAB did a few years back. Read Foes of USA football plan own petition

Another concept that is quietly being bounced around is merging UWF with Florida State University or the University of Florida. UWF would become the UF-Pensacola or FSU-Pensacola. This has worked for the college in Montgomery that is associated with Auburn and with UAB in Birmingham. This move would give UWF graduates degrees from a major university – help bring an engineering, education and/or nursing schools to Pensacola.

I do not know if football tickets come with a merger.