Terhaar backs down

Pensacola City Councilman Andy Terhaar has written on his blog that he will not make a motion for Fred Gunther to be removed from CMPA board until a decision is made by the Florida Ethics Commission on Gunther’s actions.

According to Terhaar, Gunther said:

“If anyone believes I have violated Florida’s Code of Ethics, they should file a complaint with the Florida Commission on Ethics and allow me to properly defend myself against these allegations. I should have the right to protect my good name and not be tried by the media or by City Council based upon unsubstantiated allegations.”

A decision by the ethics commission may take six months to a year. Until then, Gunther can continue to strike down lease proposals submitted by the mayor and others while developing competing proposals and representing clients before the CMPA board, I guess.

The video speaks for itself and fully substantiates my position. A board member can not represent a client before the board upon which he serves. Simply recusing himself from the discussion of his proposal isn’t sufficient. He must recuse himself from any discussion of any lease proposal, if he plans to represent clients before the board.

The council can make a decision without the Ethics Commission. Did Gunther’s actions help build public trust in the CMPA?