Text from the BP battlefront

This text message was forwarded to me:

I hope someone will take some initiative soon. The Coast Guard skimmer vessel also told Jerry they could not skim oil in the presence of sargasso weed. There is sargasso weed everywhere offshore beginning around 20 miles and stretching all over the loop current. What the Einsteins need to do is get several large containment vessels and have the 100 Vietnamese shrimpers trawl up the sargasso weed( its dead once oil hits it anyway) and dump it into the containment vessels and as the shrimpers are netting the weed have the skimmers follow close behind and skim the oil. Someone with some authority and direction NEEDS to tell these idiots what to do. Use the sargasso weed as an ally as the currents offshore push the weedlines together. Guess where the oil is going? Right with the current and into the weedlines. Use them to our advantage. This is absolutely unbelievable. We have the technology to put men on the moon and can’t figure out how to contain oil. I am so mad I could spit nails.
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