The Man’s Broom

The Brownsville area is a few tons lighter today.

During its Jan. 9 Operation Clean Sweep in the Brownsville community, the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office—along with partner agencies and volunteers— cleaned up 10 tons of trash. The county’s code enforcement department also opened seven new cases in the area, and checked on 40 existing cases.

“It’s like any community, it needs a little bit of help,” said Capt. Dale Tharp, who headed up the operation.

Along with cleaning the streets of debris, the sheriff’s office also issued 58 traffic citations at area checkpoints. The agency’s sex crime unit also made 14 address verifications, and the department also made 6 prostitution arrests.

Tharp said the Clean Sweeps—conducted routinely in different areas of the county—serve to clear trash from the streets as well as lifting the overall community spirit.

“Like getting a new, used car,” Tharp said.