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  1. In Tinker the court held students wearing arm bands protesting the Vietnam war was protected free speech. In Morse v. Frederick, a post Tinker case, the Supreme Court held it did not violate a student’s free speech rights to suspend him for holding up a banner at a school function that said “Bong Hits 4 Jesus.” The standard is whether the student speech materially and substantially disrupts the work and discipline of the school. So the question is whether a walk out does that.

  2. Seems like some people need to read Tinker v. Des Moines…. the decision is clear that these students have a 1st Amendment right to express their viewpoint, no matter how much some of you disagree with it. Also, it is always interesting how 2nd Amendment advocates argue it is so “absolute” but don’t provide the same interpretation to the 1st Amendment.

  3. Regardless of your feelings towards Thomas, I believe he is doing the right thing. The two things we expect our schools to do are: provide education and provide a secure environment for our children. Supporting a walk-out with a large number of students purposefully puts all of the kids in an uncontrollable environment, outside of the school buildings and properties. Attempting to control a large number of students in a group setting is virtually impossible. How ironic would it be if a large number of students left school against the advisement and a child was hurt? Then, again, maybe there are some lessons that could be learned from that, as well.

  4. Students focus should be their education and not working as puppets to the liberal agenda. I can ASSURE YOU no one would be encouraging them to walk out over a Pro-Life issue would they? NOPE. NO ONE would be supporting a walk out over our Constitution or 2nd Amendment Rights. This is about bringing attention to what the Democrats want and that is Gun Control.

    Let me tell you…. no amount of banning guns, etc would have changed the nightmare at Parkland. Everyone reading this undoubtedly know about the 100 Failures of Government to prevent this or minimize the harm. In fact, this young man should have been charged with a Felony previously however due to local policies DID NOTHING. That alone would have prevented the purchase of this firearm.

    Where is all the outrage about Government Failures????

  5. Is it a student’s responsibility to “Do whatever Malcolm Thomas says” within Escambia School District’s Student Handbook? No? Then, anyone seeking to enforce this should rethink their actions.

  6. According to this morning’s PNJ, “Thomas said he wasn’t aware of the slips of paper with his name and said during a phone interview Wednesday that he believes the four protesters will receive little to no punishment.” I would think that the person due for “discipline” would be the person at Pensacola High School who directed that such a threat be issued to students in the name of Superintendent Thomas. Kudos to the four students who were brave enough to join with other students in taking a stand. As I was watching the coverage of the walkouts on national television, and saw coverage of specific cities, I thought “Pensacola” missed an opportunity to be part of a national movement. Further, Thomas should have attended the assembly not only to show his support for the students rightly concerned about being gunned down in school but also for the faculty and staff who work in such schools and are at the same risk too. Hopefully the students will do more than talk and wave signs and register to vote (or pre-register as they can do) and then actually vote in the August primary and November general election. Political apathy is widespread with too many eligible voters not registered to vote or if registered not caring enough to vote even though the process is so easy with so many ways to cast your ballot. It will be a very positive sign if we see a spike in young people voting this year.

  7. Once again, Thomas fails to see a good opportunity to encourage students to exercise their constitutional rights. Thomas does what Thomas wants and doesn’t seem to understand that the school is there for the students, not for him.

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