ARC Gateway hit by theft

More than $4000 in stolen lawn equipment and tools taken from ARC Gateway’s Pollak Industries

Pensacola, Fla. – A theft over the weekend at Pollak Industries, ARC Gateway’s manufacturing division, resulted in a loss of $4000 in stolen equipment. The satellite division of ARC provides a variety of employment opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities from assembly, concrete manufacturing and subcontract maintenance work for the I-10 welcome station and weigh stations. Items stolen consisted mainly of landscaping equipment including a lawn mower, trimmers, edgers, blower, lawn batteries, a compressor and a variety of tools.

“It’s disheartening to have something like this happen when our people are so eager to work and so willing to share what they have,” said Donna Fassett, executive director for the agency. “It is a hardship for the crew as they are without their regular tools and they miss their personal items that were taken as well.”

ARC Gateway offers a variety of products and services to provide people with developmental disabilities with job training, meaningful work, and the opportunity to earn their own income. In addition to providing work for disabled persons, businesses that partner with ARC Gateway are also helping to provide the agency with revenue that sustains programs for more than 850 children and adults in our community.