There is a difference here

On hotly contested debates, there is always an group – often new to this blog – that weighs in and after a few comments starts name-calling. I let a few be posted, but eventually start deleting them because they add little to the debate. The problem for them is that they don’t like their ideas being challenged or “facts” questioned.

Here is a classic example of an upset reader – and my reply:

Anonymous: Courtney, your rational & sensible ideas will not be tolerated by Mr Outzen or the other socialists that operate & frequent this blog.He will tell you to go make your own blog & quit putting ideas in peoples heads.You certainly have some nerve!

My reply:

Anonymous #8:

Courtney is a long-time writer to this blog. His ideas are rational and sensible. We don’t always agree, but we both enjoy the discussion.

Courtney asks solid questions and uses facts to support his points. How we may interpret those facts can be different.

Courtney doesn’t resort to name calling when others disagree or present better facts and opinions.

What you don’t like is that on the pnj site, and other sites you can post whatever you want, makeup facts and attack anyone anonymously without anyone challenging you – here you will be challenged – if not by me, by others.

Maybe even by Courtney.