There is a written report on jail blast, but we cannot see it

Yesterday afternoon, we were told that attorney Ed Fleming had delivered to County Attorney Alison Rogers a written report on his investigation of the April 30 explosion at the county’s Central Booking and Detention Center that killed two men, paralyzed a corrections officer and injured over 200 others.

Rogers confirmed that she had the report, but refused to release it to the public.


I have received a written report. It is a privileged document as it is work product produced in anticipation of litigation. I do not intend to release it at this time.

Any questions, please feel free to give me a call at the office or anytime on my cell.


At last Thursday’s commission meeting, Fleming said that he did not find evidence of culpable negligence in the blast and the gas the inmates and corrections officers reported smelling prior to the jail explosion is not what caused the blast.

The details of his investigation will remain private, unless three commissioners vote to release the report.