Thomas barely holds on to Paul FCAT gains

Superintendent Malcolm Thomas dismisses the one point drop in FCAT reading scores for third graders in the Friday edition of the BP marketing solution, Pensacola News Journal. Thomas tells the PNJ that the district held on to significant gains it has made in recent years.

Of course, Thomas doesn’t mention those successes came under his predecessor, Jim Paul. In fact, Thomas has never given Paul credit for anything. These 2010 FCAT scores are the first that can completely be attributed to Thomas’ leadership. These third graders have spent over a year under Thomas.

Last year’s scores should have been accredited to Jim Paul, but not once did Thomas thank his predecessor. Paul had years of steady growth in FCAT scores. We have slipped under Thomas.

2008: Escambia third-graders whose scores rose three points in reading and seven in math over 2007 – 71 percent scored at or above grade level in reading and 76 percent scored at or above grade level in math.

2009: 72 percent of third-graders scored at proficient levels in reading. In math, Escambia students scored at 77 percent.

What did Superintendent Thomas say last year after having the second consecutive increase: “”We are, of course, pleased with this year’s results and the gains being made in our schools. A lot of hard work was put forth by our teachers, principals, and students to continue to increase scores at this level. This will give us some momentum heading into next year.”

No mention of Jim Paul….the momentum has stopped.

BTW: Brownsville Middle School is still vacant…unsold. Whatever happened to that pending sale?