Thomas’ Warrington Middle turnaround: ‘Put a fork in it’


In 2009, newly-elected Superintendent of Schools Malcolm Thomas announced he was turning around Warrington Middle School. Even though the school administration and faculty had improved the school from a perennial “D” to a “C” school, Thomas fired them all and brought in what he declared was the ‘A Team’ of educators. He promised to personally oversee WMS and boasted the school would be the best middle school in the district, if not the state.

Well, Thomas has failed. After millions of dollars being spent on the school, he has failed to deliver on his promise, which begs the question: what would have happened had he left the original faculty in place?

The FCAT 2.O scores are horrible–putting in doubt the value of Thomas’ personal supervision of school. Does he understand the challenges of teaching the poor, inner-city children? Simply pouring money into a facility isn’t enough. Last year, he placed the blame on the student, parents and teachers. How will he handle it if the state Department of Education takes over his turnaround school?

Here the FCAT scores for WMS – less than a third of the entire student body passed reading, math or science.

Sixth Grade – passing percentage
Reading WMS:28 State:51
Math WMS:18 State:53

Seventh Grade –
Reading WMS: 26 State: 58
Math WMS: 21 State: 56

Eighth Grade
Reading WMS: 30 State:55
Math WMS: 20 State:57
Science WMS: 25 State: 46