Three Little Pigs Roundup

Three Little Pigs article is the most popular article on The Daily Beast. (One of my favorite sites): Light-hearted “three little pigs”-themed internal BP memo argues that building blast resistant shelters for workers would cost more than their lives are worth to the company Link

: Swine Wednesday

Pileus Blog -“The truth is, all might be free if they valued freedom, and defended it as they ought”-Samuel Adams: Of Oil, Arrogance, and Enlightened Self-Interest

Mother Jones: The piece, by Rick Outzen of the Florida newsweekly Independent News, is a chilling account of how little the company has prioritized worker safety over the year. BP Puts a Price on Human Life: $10 Million

PBS: Rick Outzen unearths a 2002 BP memo for The Daily Beast that uses the story of the three little pigs to illustrate a cost/benefit analysis of safety precautions. Oil spill news roundup

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Bitch Clown’s Blog – “Exercising my freedom of speech to be bitchy and clowny”: BP’s Shocking Memo

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