Tice creditor claims Mexican mafia a hoax

The State Attorney’s Office released today more documents and DVDs of the interviews with suspects, persons of interest and witnesses – 36 CDs and DVDs.

Among the documents is an interview with Silvano Gonzalez, the former Hispanic-American Auto Sales employee who Cab Tice said gave him $20,000 as a loan from the Mexican Mafia. Gonzalez tells investigators that he made up the Mexican Mafia connection to pressure Tice to repay the loan.

The interview is a mess. Gonzalez jumps around and isn’t very clear about his relationship with Tice, Patrick Gonzalez or Bud Billings. He doesn’t seem to understand the questions and at times appears to be evasive.

Read Silvano… the pdf isn’t the clearest. Will try to upload a better copy in the a.m.