Time for Gaetz to face local media

Congressman  Matt Gaetz has traveled the country with his new alt-right buddy Rep. Marjorie Greene Taylor putting on a series of America First rallies. None have been in his district.

Reuters last week reported Gaetz was willing to leave his post to be a host for Newsmax.

“Conservative media outlet Newsmax, a favorite of former President Donald Trump’s, rejected embattled Republican U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz’s request for a job, a spokesperson for the website said on Monday,” reported Mark Hosenball. “Gaetz contacted Newsmax early this year, a source at the outlet said. That was around the time that news broke Gaetz was the subject of a federal investigation into possible sex trafficking of a minor.”

Gaetz represents one of the most “God & Country” districts in the country. Yet, he has been linked to former Seminole County Tax Collector Jeff Greenberg, who last month pleaded guilty to several federal charges, including sex trafficking of a minor.

Gaetz has been an advocate for strict enforcement of regulations for massage parlors that he believe trafficked sex workers.  In April 2019, he called together top local, state and federal law enforcement officials, including Escambia County David Morgan, Walton County Sheriff Mike Atkinson and U.S. Attorney Larry Keefe, and his Faith Advisory Board to discuss the increase of illicit massage parlors in Northwest Florida and how to shut them down. The meeting was held at Marcus Point Baptist Church

Yet, we have been told Gaetz is under federal investigation for paying a minor for sex.

His female staffers and former aides have come to his defense, but Gaetz hasn’t faced questions from the local media and voters.

It’s time the congressman hold a press conference. His constituents need to hear from about  the Newsmax story, his relationship with Greenberg and the allegations of his involved in the former tax collectors sex trafficking.






2 thoughts on “Time for Gaetz to face local media

  1. We promote what we permit. Despite spending almost six years eagerly chasing the limelight and expanding his visibility nationwide, what has Matt Gaetz really done for District I? Has the VA dramatically improved? Has NAS Pensacola been repaired post-Sally? Has Mr. Gaetz used the notoriety his office (He was sent to DC by the people. It is our seat, not his.), to markedly improve his district or has he placed his political ambition and currency first? Regardless of the lurid charges against him, Mr. Gaetz’s first duty is to his district, but he has spent an inordinate amount of time elsewhere as we now see and have learned.

    Matt owes us answers to these questions. His first duty is to the District, not to the networks or his own career. If District I is no longer his first priority, then he should resign immediately.

    For a number of reasons, probably on the advice of his legal counsel, Mr. Gaetz has been unusually reticent about allegations in the media of underage trafficking underage women, drug use, witness tampering, and campaign finance violations. Matt is exercising his rights as an American; we should not fault him for this. The justice system will address these and other allegations about which we may not know, but I agree with you that Matt owes it to the people of his District to face the media and candidly answer these allegations.

    Even if legal sanctions, such as possibly going to prison, were not in the equation, should not a Representative in a District that values family, morality, and Conservative values address these allegations (sex with underage women, drug use, travel to exotic locations with lobbyists, etc.) in person and with his constituents?

    A public office office is a public trust, and as Thomas Jefferson stated, “When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property.” Mr. Gaetz owes us answers. He needs to prove to the people of his District that he is worthy of our trust.

    Finally, if he is guilty, Mr. Gaetz owes to the people of District I to resign. If Matt is guilty (and he genuinely knows whether or not he is guilty.) and runs again in 2022, he will be asking the voters of District I to share in his complicity.

  2. Meh, understand the sentiment, Rick. But maybe we could all take a pass on this run through. He doesn’t have anything meaningful to add or answer, anyway, and the local Qers already have themselves worked into a lather as it is. So this voter would be happy to see him continuing to make a wide path. We don’t need any more of his Escambia photo ops with the white supremacists he uses for security detail. Or any local statements about how citizens should consider it an obligation to turn their arms against lawful government. Nope, nope, and nope.

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