Touart and truth

george touartgeorge touart
Apparently, Interim County Administrator George Touart read a statement regarding me at the beginning of the agenda workshop yesterday–mentioning me has become a regular occurrence at commission meetings.

Touart made several other statements during yesterday’s meetings.

Touart claimed that if he had been county administrator, he “would have tried to work these problems out with the Sheriff for the past five years and that is the truth.” —He loves to tell people that he is telling the truth (read Winners & Losers).

He admitted that he had met with the man who ran the jail when Robert Boggon was killed in 2005. Touart addressed the allegation of meeting with Dennis Williams. “I would not have done my job if I had not consulted someone who knew more about this than me.”

Touart said he would not increase the budget of the jail to complete the transfer. He would take already budgeted money and use it.

Touart said, “I am responsible for every move I make in this seat.”