Touart on WEAR TV 3

WEAR TV reporter has former County Administrator George Touart on his Sunday morning show this weekend – IN Focus, 9 a.m.

Here are some of the quotes fby Touart from the promos:

“The sheriff and I have been talking for a year. Over one year, Ron McNesby and I, of course, it got derailed when I left the county but we’ve been talking about consolidation of purchasing, his HR department, his IT department, consolidating those situations.”

“I think there’s a lot of politics in Escambia County right now. And that’s sad.”

On the most cryptic: “The main thing I want to tell people is, I don’t feel my tenure in government in this county is over.” …..Hmmm, could the earlier rumors of Touart running for office be true?

The easy money is betting Touart will run for county commissioner – maybe against Kevin White this year or wait two more years and run for Grover Robinson’s seat.

I would like to see Touart run against Ernie Lee Magaha for the Clerk of Courts position. Now that would be a battle.