Touart waffles on Oct. 1 deadline on jail transfer

Today Interim County Administrator George Touart said that he may not meet the Commissioners’ and Sheriff David Morgan’s agreed deadline for transferring the county on October 1.

Both Commissioners Lumon May and Steven Barry are holding his feet to the fire on this.

Barry said that he voted under the pretense that the October 1 deadline would be met. May objected to Touart’s reference to a “soft transfer.” Commissioner Grover Robinson said that he expects all essential items to be in place.

Touart placed blame on Morgan, but offered few specifics. The commission voted a month ago to accept the transfer. At that time, Touart and his department heads were called upon by Valentino and each committed to the Oct. 1 deadline.

When pressed by May and Barry, Touart became more adamant that he will do everything possible to complete transfer.

County Attorney Alison Perdue wasn’t nearly as positive as Touart.

So it begins.

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