Trademarking kids

The PNJ writes about how Bud Billings had trademarked and copyrighted the names of seven of the adopted children. The title of the forms – “Affidavit of Truth in Nature of Supplemental Rules for Administrative and Maritime Claims Rules C (6)” – see 2004311661.

I sent a copy to a local attorney. Here is his analysis:

The citation in the title has to do with attachments or arrests of vessels according to the Rules of Federal Procedure. He got it wrong in the title where he wrote: “Supplemental Rules of Administrative and Maritime Claims.” It’s the Supp Rules of Admiralty and Maritime Claims.

He does not mention the Supp Rules of Admiralty later in the affidavit and frankly the thing reads like the rantings of a madman. Copyright and Trademark
stuff do not apply in anyway with the Supp Rules for Adm and Mar Claims to
the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.