Transcript of 911 call involving the Middleton shooting

This was released yesterday afternoon by the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office:

911 Transcription
Reported 2:38 a.m.
July 27, 2013

Dispatch: Sheriff’s 911 what is your emergency?
Caller: Yeah, I’m, um, 218 Shadow Lawn Lane somebody is trying to steal my neighbor’s car.
Dispatch: O.K., they are not trying to break in, they are trying to actually steal the car?
Caller: Yes. They’re actually already in the car, trying to hotwire it.
Dispatch: O.K. , O.K…. What kind of vehicle is it?
Caller: It’s a Cadillac. It’s a white Cadillac.
Dispatch: A white Cadillac. Is it 2-door, 4 door?
Caller: 4 door.
Dispatch: And the 218 Shadow Lawn is that your address?
Caller: No ______ is my address 218 is my neighbor’s address.
Dispatch: O.K… Can you tell, is it a male, female?
Caller: It’s a black male.
Dispatch: Can you tell what he’s wearing, or no?
Caller: He’s wearing a tank top, uh, dark colored.
Dispatch: Can you tell anything else?
Caller: No, not really.
Dispatch: O.K. and he’s still in the vehicle, right?
Caller: Yes
Dispatch: You said you heard him trying to crank it up?
Caller: Uh, yes… He keeps ducking down underneath the dashboard, trying to reach for something.
Dispatch: O.K., and you’ve never seen him before, right?
Caller: No.
Dispatch: What’s your name, sir?
Caller: My name is ________.
Dispatch: And your last name?
Caller: ________.
Dispatch: Aright. Just stay on the phone with me.
Caller: O.K.
Dispatch: We’ve got several deputies enroute. Do you want to speak to the deputies or no, do you just want them to get over there?
Caller: Uh, just get ‘em over here.
Dispatch: Alright. I completely understand. I just have to ask. Um, do you know if there’s any… did the guy come in a vehicle or did you just happen to walk outside and see him?
Caller: I actually was closing my child’s blinds, um, and saw the light on in the car.
Dispatch: O.K.
Caller: So I came outside to check it out.
Dispatch: Are your neighbor’s home?
Caller: Yes. They’re home. They’re asleep.
Dispatch: O.K… You don’t see anybody else standing around or anything like that?
Caller: No. I’m actually standing out in the yard. This guy doesn’t even notice me.
Dispatch: Oh… Let me know if he does anything. He still hasn’t gotten the car started, has he?
Caller: No.
Dispatch: O.K.
Caller: Looks like he’s rifling through the center console right now.
Dispatch: You should see the deputies any minute.
Caller: Alright.
Dispatch: He still has not noticed you?
Caller: No… This is crazy. I’m standing out here in the middle of the yard talking on the phone, and he’s hardly even noticed me.
Dispatch: You should see a deputy on the street now. Let me know if you see them… Do you still see him in the car?
Caller: Yes.
Dispatch: Do you see any deputies yet?
Caller: Uh, yeah, I see them.
Dispatch: You do, O.K.
Caller: Yeah. He parked just down the road. Looks like he’s about to walk up.
Dispatch: O.K. I’m going to go ahead and get off the phone with you, O.K.?
Caller: O.K. There’s the other one.
Dispatch: O.K. Bye.
Caller: Bye.