Tree ordinance being studied more

Remember that I’ve told you Pensacola doesn’t like to make tough decisions. The latest one is on a stricter tree ordinance (Tree Huggers vs. Developers ). The Planning Board sent it back to staff for further review yesterday. It appears that they want to find a way to pay property owners and developers for not cutting down their trees – with permitting and tax incentives maybe. A concern is the cost of enforcement.

Of course, this will all go to the City Council for final approval. When the council voted on the bottle club curfew, the cost of extra law enforcement on Jefferson St. when the bottle club closes at 5 pm wasn’t a consideration. Will enforcement be a concern this time?

My recommendation to Emerald Coastkeepers and others that want the restrict tree ordinance to pass: Don’t let Brian Spencer speak in favor of it. Councilman Jack Nobles will kill it if he does.