Typo forces Santa Rosa to drop referendum

Press release: Tax Incentive Referendum Withdrawn From Ballot

Due to a typographical error on the resolution signed by the Santa Rosa County Commission and the corresponding non-binding referendum on the August ballot regarding new and expanding business tax incentives, the ballot measure will not be counted by the supervisor of elections’ office. The item is printed on the ballot, but signs are posted in the voting booths notifying voters of the change. Commissioners may choose to request the item be included in future elections.

The clerical error cited Constitutional Article VI Section 3; however the correct provision in the Florida Constitution is Article VII Section 3. Section 3 of Article VI pertains to the citizen’s oath while Section 3 of Article VII outlines tax exemptions. The withdrawal of the ballot measure is not anticipated to have a negative impact on future economic growth as the county has an ordinance which gives the board of commissioners the authority to grant tax refunds as an economic incentive to qualifying new or expanding businesses.