Update on Piedmont

Piedmont Sewer Service Update:
The flow of wastewater for most of the Piedmont area is now being collected normally by the existing gravity sewer, after major emergency repairs over the weekend. Residents in this area do not need to use the portable bathrooms, showers or wash-stations.

There are two sections of Piedmont Rd where the gravity sewer mains were damaged beyond repair: those are from Morningside Drive, south to Semur Road and from Semur Road, south to Galt Rd. The 11 addresses in these two sections (see attached map), which were connected to the gravity sewer main on Piedmont Road must continue to use the portables per the Department of Health directive issued May 3 until the sewer main has been replaced and the laterals reconnected. ECUA anticipates that work to be completed by the end of the week.

The 11 affected addresses are as follows:

2041 Morningside Dr.
2105 Morningside Dr.
2080 Semur Rd.
2102 Semur Rd.
4221 Piedmont Rd.
4220 Piedmont Rd.
4209 Piedmont Rd.
4210 Piedmont Rd.
2090 Galt Rd.
4200 Piedmont Rd
4160 Piedmont Rd